Current Road Conditions - 511

1.888.780.4440 outside Nova Scotia

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Bare (Dry / Wet) Bare (Dry / Wet) Partly Covered Partly Covered
Covered Covered Closed Closed
Construction and other conditions Construction and other conditions
Single Construction Incident and/or Activity Construction Multiple Construction Incidents/Activities Multiple Items Road Closed Closed
Halifax Dartmouth Bridge Commission Activity Halifax Dartmouth Bridge Commission Activity

Information on local roads is listed here. For most trunks, routes and 100-series highways, consult the map.
    - Russia Road - Closed until further notice at Bear Brook culvert.
    Closed Between Spicer Road and West Intersection of Russia Road and Black Rock Road. Detour will be Route 360, Baseline East Road and West Black Rock Road. No reopen date.
    - North River Road from Aylesford Road to Village Road is reduced to 10 tonne weight limit until further notice / overweight loads are by permit only
    -Kings County- Bishop Mountain Overpass Exit 17E will be limited to a single lane of traffic for Bridge Repairs, Single Lane Closure with Traffic lights. 24hr Traffic Control April 7th - June 25th , 2021
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